Digital Marketing for Bands

One Note ForeverIf you’re an artist or musician and playing in a band, life’s probably great. Making music with friends is undeniably awesome, and the DIY approach to sharing your sounds is increasingly simple as you become empowered with technology and the connected web.

Promoting a band is not always so easy, and with an ever growing demand for new music you can’t afford to not get things right. That’s why we’ve put together a digital marketing package for bands, artists and professional musicians.

Brands for Bands

Let’s get some facts straight: rehearsals are costly, instruments are pricey, and travelling to a strange town on a school night sucks. It’s all worth it in the end though, because most of us play for the love of music – not just for the ‘maybe one day’.

Chances are somebody in your band can take photos, record a demo, shoot a video or drive a van. But like most bands, you can’t have it all – it’d be too easy…right?

Our digital package is designed those who like to pick and choose, especially bands who have most things covered but need the missing piece of the great promotion puzzle:

  • Websites
  • Hosting
  • Photography
  • Music Video
  • Email Marketing & Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Cover Design

Mix and match a combination of our digital services, and with prices starting at just £35 you’d be crazy not to get in touch.