Hassle-free updates, artwork & design

Digital Marketing PackagesFor a small monthly fee, a digital marketing package can include a variety of design and technical work, tailored to your requirements for the months ahead. The digital work is flexible and updated in real-time, and can be planned in advance to give peace of mind for your online business presence.

What you get

A typical package gives you one credit to spend with Favourite Spoon each month. This could include a combination of the following services, and are yours to spend as and when you need them:

  • Banner design, promotional artwork and social media image(s)

  • Website content refresh, page updates and blog posts

  • Social media activity, design and management

  • Website updates, technical amendments and search engine optimisation

  • Google account management (Maps, Email, Plus and YouTube)

Why credits are awesome

  • We have a broad skill set and cover a wide range of marketing expertise, giving you the flexibility to achieve consistent quality work without exhausting in-house resources.

  • Credits can be swapped out or carry over on a monthly basis, so you can save for something big should the need arise.

  • React to changes in the digital environment quickly, staying on trend and ensuring your website performs as intended.

The bottom line

Our digital marketing packages start at just £35 per month. To find out more, call us now.