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Favourite Spoon is a brand developmentweb design & digital marketing studio that caters for freelancers, online brands and small businesses.

Providing a complimentary range of digital media, Favourite Spoon is your one-stop solution for building and promoting your brand online.

Our motto is simple: build brands to equip & empower. Many of our satisfied customers are enjoying the freedom to manage their own digital presence, scroll or swipe to find out more.

Knowledge of Google 95%
Brands & Naming 85%
Wordpress Websites 80%
Tea Making 100%


We know you’ve got a great product, now it’s time to spread the word. Our creative process is built around your ambitions, ensuring your goals are met.

Tidy Desk


Achieve that feeling of organisational mastery. You’ll know exactly what’s what, and be fully equipped to take control of your digital presence.


Working as a team, we translate your ideas into something tangible. Bring your ideas to life and create something to be proud of.

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E11 Events

E11 Events

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A Band and A DJ

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What we can do

Digital Media Services

Web Design

Your website is the centrepiece to a digital marketing strategy and is a hugely powerful marketing tool if built and managed purposefully. We work with WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify. Learn more…

Google AdWords (PPC)

A well researched, purpose-built Google AdWords campaign can be the difference between ‘it’s ticking us over’ and ‘we can’t keep up with demand!’ Learn more…


Branding is not just the look and feel of your business, it governs your entire approach and shapes how you communicate both on and offline. Learn more…


E-commerce doesn’t need to be complicated, but gone are the days of setting up shop and waiting for the orders to roll in. Ultimately, your business goals will determine the role of e-commerce in your quest for world domination. Learn more…

Photography & Video

Photographs and videos are a great way of telling stories, sharing ideas and showcasing work. Professional films and images do the job even better! Learn more…

Content Marketing for SEO

Be visible. Our sustainable approach to SEO ensures your website remains discoverable, adhering to best-practice techniques that will drive your business forward. Learn more…

The Blog

On The Pulse

The Power of Shipping Containers for Brand-building

The Power of Shipping Containers for Brand-building

This article will look at some of the ways in which brands are using shipping containers for marketing, advertising, and branding purposes – particularly in Europe and USA. It’s a fact that shipping containers are more readily being applied in architecture all over the world, and have been for some years. International brands such as…

Bespoke Shopify Wholesale Solution Using Customer Accounts, Tags & Templates

Bespoke Shopify Wholesale Solution Using Customer Accounts, Tags & Templates

We recently produced a bespoke Shopify e-commerce website for a friend in New Zealand. Emma at The Little Card Factory needed a solution for her wholesale business, but also a new store front for selling directly to consumers. The solution requires a few edits to Shopify’s liquid templates (summarised below) and uses a combination of existing functions; liquid templates,…

Popup Shop in a Shipping Container – Podcast

Popup Shop in a Shipping Container – Podcast

I tried a new podcast this morning called ‘Shopify Masters’. Sponsored and backed by the e-commerce platform, the podcast provides insight into the day-to-day operations of conceptualising, launching and managing an e-commerce brand. I picked an episode entitled Launching a store using a shipping container in downtown Toronto which was an interesting tale of an ex-banker and a…

Migrating a WordPress site from http to https in 7 steps

Migrating a WordPress site from http to https in 7 steps

When Google confirmed https as ranking factor back in August 2014, many digital marketers added ‘migrate website to https’ to their SEO task list. Over the past 12 months, a number of content websites have purchased an SSL certificate and configured their secure site padlock, but the true impact of migrating from http to https…

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