Website Audit

A typical website audit is comprised of the following technical tasks:

Meta Audit

  • Crawl website and export page list
  • Conduct keyword research and identify target phrases
  • Write optimised meta titles
  • Write optimised meta descriptions for core landing pages
  • Tidy <head> section and remove old meta keywords
  • Upload rel=”publisher” and/or rel=”author” snippets to <head>

Technical Optimisation

  • Check .htaccess file
  • Check robots.txt file
  • Check non-www to www redirect
  • Link Webmaster Tools to Analytics
  • Update Analytics code (Universal / Demographics snippet)

Content Optimisation

  • Overhaul <h1> and <h2> page headings
  • Overhaul image alts and titles
  • Internal links
  • Smart URLs

Google Account Management

  • Cleanup Google+ and Local profiles
  • Remove duplicate profiles
  • Verify physical address locations
  • Establish rel=”publisher”

Crawl Errors

  • Identify broken links & 404 errors in Webmaster Tools
  • Write Redirect 301 code
  • Upload Redirect 301 code to .htaccess file

Social Optimisation

  • Twitter Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Slideshare Account
  • Pinterest Page